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About Us

Miss Trang determination has immortalised the craft of traditional tailoring and Remy Tailor Hoi An has become a world renowned institution with some beautiful boutiques located in the old town, providing high standard workshops and the best professional training for each of its valued employees.

Remy Tailor Hoi An clothes shop offer friendly and professional service, we speak good English – so take the time to discuss your requirements, hems, sleeves, pockets – no pockets etc. Check out our catalogues at the shop or bring in a photo or drawing of what you want (download the latest styles from the internet and let us have a look!) and the Shop will discuss it for Clothes to match your lifestyle, include:

Remy Tailor Hoi An are the curators of quality workmanship and have set high standards of artisan craftsmanship and an unsurpassed standard of service borne from excellent training programs and Miss Trang ethical approach to one of the most important aspects of Remy Tailor Hoi An success.

Our pride in our service is evident in each bespoke piece crafted by tailors working exclusively for Remy Tailor Hoi An.

With a focus on design, attention to detail and luxury fabrications, the designers, tailors and craftsmen of Remy Tailor Hoi An can turn their hand to everything from luxury couture fashion to casual beach attire, from a classic suit through to an investment pair of shoes, each finished piece exhibiting all the characteristics of perfect craftsmanship and quality, providing luxury that lasts a lifetime.

Remy Tailor Hoi An strive to give each and every employee the very best from education to working conditions and take great pride from their craftsmanship and commitment to keeping traditional tailoring alive.

At Remy Tailor Hoi An we pride ourselves in sourcing and stocking the finest and most extensive range of fabrics from the softest silks, cottons and difficult to find cashmeres and top end – all exclusive to Remy Tailor Hoi An. Very Important recommended for all guest if you would like make Tailoring for holiday in Hoi An.

Summer clothes, winter clothes, sportswear, and evening wear, casual to formal, Traditional to modern, large or small, trousers, pants, skirts, shirts,…

Remy Tailor Hoi An clothes shop can make almost anything.

Welcome to Remy Tailor Hoi An!


554  Cua Dai st., Hoi An city, Vietnam